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Celestial Bodies
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Celestial Bodies, 2018

Now, follow the journey of matter, space, and time, until the eventual and inevitable fruition of consciousness. From the deepest origins, the furthest reach, where the curtains of space fold on themselves, find the beginning of all things. Replication is the beginning of will. Patterns evolving. Pieces coming together to form function in unity, at first boundless, then carefully encased in the earliest of skins. Multiply, infect, birth anew. Cycle, mutate, contaminate. No rest until every vein in time is filled. As a mother hen, I will find and gather my chicks. I will place them in their shells once more, heal the cracks, and envelope them. They will become one with we. We will be one with you. Though lost you may be in this forlorn and barren expanse, I will find you, my love. You will be one with me. copy 2.gif
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