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25 minutes before anihilation
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25 minutes before the annihilation, 2016

“25 minutes before the annihilation” is a visual journey through various Warsaw milieus at the peak of tension. The city portrayed is full of struggle and attempts to capture public space by specific groups. There will soon be a collision, the collapse of reality, because the tensions are already ultimate and the groups fighting each other are seeking confrontation. During this time, Delman is able to show Warsaw only from his personal point of view. He chooses subjectively meaningful elements for the composition. The result is the perspective of a person born in Warsaw, who recalls his childhood spent among block of flats, and his adolescence in the post-communist country after ’89. A couple of kilometers of virtual, emotional composition about Warsaw, propelled by his own body. This is not a narrative tour, but an attempt to show tensions and problems that are present in the experience of citizens of this city and country.

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