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The War Zone by Toxicmotel
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The War Zone, 2019

The War Zone



noun: war zone; plural noun: war zones; noun: warzone; plural noun: warzones

a region in which a war is being fought.

"more troops were transferred to the war zone"

Daily life of society is similar to the war zone. We have to be awakened by our alarm just as the siren prepares the soldier for the battle. Have a breakfast so fast, as if we were being rushed by our platoon leader. Then we hit the road, gun and bomb sounds are everywhere in the traffic jam. Arrive at the office, the real war begins, battle with boss, defending line from colleagues. Work time ends, we retreat. Final epic battle on our way home again. Get to the barrack we called house, we sleep to prepare for another war the next day. We work like a soldier, blood and tears spilled, don't realize that we were being played, by the Green General called Money, that commands us over and over to forget how to live.

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