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Computers, Spooky
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Computers, Spooky


The “Computers” series deals with an enigmatic "matter" for us: Energy. Our will is not technical but much more existential: we want to explore how individuals experience, perceive and manipulate Energy in a daily exercise. This "matter" is certainly the first element of a vast field of active information at different scales of time and space: from cell biology to electro-magnetic physics, from white magic to a mystique of universal secret, from love to artificial intelligence. Spooky is a free software developed by New Zealand engineer John White, who uses an international database. It gathers information on pathogens in terms of resonance frequency, with a view to curing human pathologies from a distance. To use this mode of transmission, the person who wishes to be treated deposits a piece of DNA (such as a piece of nail) in the frequency generator. This piece of DNA functions as an antenna that connects the frequencies contained and generated by the database to the pathogen. All the owner's DNA then receives a specifically proportioned vibration, which has the effect of destroying the targeted pathogen. It is to illustrate this visionary and experimental technology that we have made this film, trying to bring out the different actors of a new information theory. copy 5.gif
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