Yaloo is a South Korean born visual artist working with digital media based in Seoul and Chicago. She received BFA 2012 MFA 2015 from School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing on video installation. Under an inseparable influence of Asian heritage and a mind of habitual tourist, Yaloo creates technically rich, visually extravagant works that deals with the images of contemporary culture that reflects the timeless quest for advancing human conditions and sense of well-being. Yaloo experiments her video installations in varies forms from single channel video, large scale media façade, projection mapping sculptures, digital textile to Virtual Reality application.Yaloo's works lead the audience to an immersive experience reminiscent of a theme park.

Historical sites outlive human lives from past, present, and beyond. At a restored historical castle, Yaloo creates a series of imaginary historical artifacts based on her research and experience during her residency in Fukuoka. Inspirations include the Yamakasa festival and related local traditions, contemporary femininity portrayed in mundane products in drugstores on every street corner, Nam June Paik's dying giant TV Tower at Canal City, and so on. As the audience are invited to walk through the projected sculptures in the rows of the castle chambers, the artist and the audience together actively weave personal narrative into grand narrative with the aid of imagination and technology. At the last room of the exhibition, the viewer enters the virtual Archaeological site via VR headset to complete their journey through alternative world. The iteration of “Yaloo Castle Site” on view is created especially for the De:Formal Pavilion at the wrong biennale.

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